CHANGELOG(base revision : R176)

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[ Tortoise SVN ]

Changes in version R186
	- Added configuration file as secondary means of getting the install directory of TortoiseSVN.
	- Updated documentation.

Changes in verion R195
	- Added SVN file lock/unlock

[ Open File In Solution ]

Changes in version R194
	- Ability to apply prefix for selected uppercase character (default active to ' '). Yields better searches in most cases.

[ SolutionHub ]

Changes in version R186
	- Fix for resource(cpu) utilization of monitored solutions.
	- Changed internal data storage format resulting in smaller memory footprint and faster searches.
	- Fixed bug when renaming a directory in a monitored directory.

[ SolutionHub UI ]

[ Solution Tools ]

Changes in version R193
	- Added Ctrl-Left Mouse click shortcut to 'Open document'. (Click on line and open file)
	- Added configurable priority based fileswitching (most common used when switching .h<->.cpp).